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Port vs. Twin Screw

BB KoncepZ

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tryin to put together some performance mods for my 2010 and i have thrown around a few ideas to try and save myself time, $$$, etc...

in the past, i have always done mods in progression. i have learned from it and have been doin things once.

my ultimate goal for the car would be a full out turbo setup but im not wantin to spend near that much plus i would like to see all the kits available after some time has passed and testing has been done. so its either gonna be a twin screw, port w/ pullies, or just pullies. and im like everybody else, once its done and you have adjusted to the power, you want more. so the bigger blower may happen anyways but im tryin to avoid it for now. hard to fight the urge!!! so i wanted to see what everybody has done to their own and thinks about whats available to make these cars run. if i keep the Eaton, i would like to be around 600rwhp and with a Twin Screw, somewhere around 750 or so(or the highest i can go on pump gas) as this is a street car. i have been doin my homework on this subject the past few weeks before i posted so i have somewhat come to a decision but i wanted to go one extra step before i spend the $$$.


i plan to do the JLT intake tube with filter, ARH 1 7/8 LT headers, off-road X, 3" catback, tensioner, heat exchanger w/ fans and tank, egr delete, plugs, and tune

*** 3.73 gears are questionable but im not sure yet???




1. Twin Screw w/ supporting mods(fuel, maf, suspension, chassis, etc...)


2. Stock Eaton w/ 2.6 upper pulley and idler


3. Stock Eaton w/ 2.6 upper pulley, idler, 10%lower, throttle body and plenum(if i can find a plenum that works without modifying the blower inlet and a throttle body

that wont cause any drivability issues


4. Ported Eaton with 2.6 upper/ 10% lower, idler, ported stock throttle body and plenum


throw me some ideas so i can get rollin!!! thanks

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5. TVS w/ stock upper, 10% lower, L&M billet dual 66mm TB, "Big TB" high flow inlet elbow - ported


This will give you about 16-17 psi, gobs of torque, and VERY driveable. The upper pulley will put you close to the psi max of the TVS, and will require fuel modifications as well. The high boost cars are nice for those that favor a lot of track time, but 11-16 psi, along with an efficient blower, seems to be ideal for cars that mostly cruise the streets.

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i may just do the upper and lower and just wait for the twin screw. i was told with an upper and lower the throttle body is a BIG restriction

but i dont wanna buy a throttle body if im gonna havta buy one for the twin screw. and every TB/Plenum i have seen has to be modified or the blower inlet has to be modified to work/fit....

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Hey BB KoncepZ,


Although I can't give you complete input, I can tell you what I am working on as well as report back later. Justin at VMP Tuning hooked me up with the following:




That elbow you see is the big D elbow and requires SC porting to max out the HP potential. As scary as this seems, I nutted up and pulled off the SC and decided to do this myself. Here's some before and after pics to see the difference.





Here's a pic of the lower IW 10% installed and waiting to twist.




I am hoping to see/feel a nice kick in the pants but it will be a week or so until I can get the SC back on the car and everything buttoned up. I'll let you know how it turns out.



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That's some nice work! How did you cut the material off on the SC?



I used a Dremel with an oval and cylindrical shaped soft metal bits as well as grinding stone bit for the cutting then 80 and 150 grit flap wheels to smooth it out. With the Dremel bits being so small it took awhile ( 4-5 hrs) but overall it was super easy. I see I have a bit more to shave off in the upper right there too but that should be quick.



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