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Hey guys and lady's

I was wonder if we can do a forum on products for are cars and company's to stay away from. A couple of times doing research on a part for are cars. Has sprung up complaints filed against a company site selling the product or is a fly by nite like me researching my new seats that are reclining seats not the fixed racing seat.

Also company's that we strictly buy from that we don't have to worry about getting the run around from.

Plus reviews and advice on parts so we don't go crazy looking for reviews on parts like, I did for those seat that are still up in the air with.

But most input, I found on reclining racing seat was on the rice burner sites one site had a arguement going on why pay high prices for a seat when the cheap ones are just as good. It the seat breaks you can buy another for less than 200.00. In a way, I agree with him there are really no sites that have rating on reclining racing seats and spoke to Procar headquaters and they stand behind there seat with a 1yr warranty on any part of the seat but not the cover. Then you have recaro which is crazy prices and Corbeau which gets nice reviews but nothing great and there frame work is done the same as the lowends. Plus Corbeau seats you need there bracket to make an easy install 2 brackets are 199.00 plus shipping. The price of a low end seat that comes with a slider that you can mount on your old seats bracket just by drilling the rivets out.

But the thing of having this site is thinking of an upgrade you go to the forum and search or post the part and someone will be able to help you and point you in the right direction. The post can be for any product any car or even home products there is nothing than word of mouth. If you guys are into Video games how many times have you bought a game for 60.00 and it turned out to be crap and you can't return it.

Just a thought,


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