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Shelby American Press Release: 20 April 2010


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I'm going out on a limb and will make a prediction. First, Bud left because SA is going back to the days before the GT, SS and KR programs and they don't need huge customer service. They will continue building high end cars like the GT350 and Cobras, Ford will keep building the GT500 till 2012. I said before Amy needed to make changes, but I didn't think she would go on vacation. Good luck Amy wherever you end up. Robert and Sharon will continue improving the Auto Parts and store which is growing and getting better. Cynthia will more or less take over Bud's spot. Roger is on vacation too, but I think his is for real.

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People might want to buy stock in popcorn. 'Cuz I've been eating a lot of it when I visit T/S lately!! :lurk:


Hope that mild humor isn't a ban-able offense!! :redcard:

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O yes I did, I think a lot of you will wish that you had also


I could be wrong but I think this is going to be a NEW beginning happy%20feet.gif



Well if this CSBI share rises 100%, you will make what, $1000. Dream on, Chad. Of course I gladly want you to drive your GT350. For you I hope you are right.

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I know we didnt see eye to eye on everything

but I really do appreciate that you gave me the

opportunity to make my points and air my concerns...

Not common for someone in your position.

thank you.

Our Shelby GTs are incredible cars.

A lot of dreams came true on your watch.

My name is on that list........twice.

Thank you again.

I wish you every success in your next endeavor.



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