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2007 Ford Shelby, a good year to buy or not?


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Hi need your opinions.. Looking at an 07' Shelby, is this a good year to buy or not since it was the 1st year for production or should I be looking at newer years?



Keep in mind that you're entering the clutch TSB year (2007 to pre-October? 2008) GT500's, so that's definitely something to be aware of. Other than that, I haven't really heard of any issues. If you had the option, I would buy a 2009.

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i also like the 2009---but they totally changed the car in 2010, 40 more hp,different interior,much easier clutch etc,so youd have to save alot to go with an earlier model.Im not saying theyre bad cars,just with the design change et al, they may hold their value a little better

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