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'10 GT500 Mod direction

BB KoncepZ

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gettin ready to put the '10 under the knife for its first round of mods. already got the interior/exterior styling taken car of along with the suspension.

now im headed to the performance side of things. been throwin around several ideas and im just stuck on where i wanna be.

i do know one thing, i dont wanna make it undrivable. most car i build tend to be so wild that they become track cars only or wont run on pump gas....i dont wanna go there.

this car is gonna be drivable and reliable.


with that said, i keep tellin myself to stick with a simple package---pulley/exh/upgraded intake tube/and tune/etc...

but i know it wont satisfy me for long. so then i thought about doin the above mentioned along with a ported blower and 10% lower

or just wait till next year and do a bigger blower, fuel system, clutch, tune etc....

im just stuck and dont know where to go. im really considerin the ported blower setup since its cheaper than a bigger blower swap and i liked them on my '04 cobra and lightning.

i just havent seen many GT500 guys doin a ported blower setup so it made me a little skeptical.

what does everyone think??? go with the simple package and deal with it....go with the step up and do the ported blower setup....or wait and go all out???


for those that choose the ported blower setup...what would be s good ported blower setup..supporting mods, etc.....


this is what i have come up with so far.....ported blower,2.6 upper, 10% lower, tensioner, idler, heat exchanger, coolant resivoir, plugs, intake tube, full exhaust,

better intake elbow and throttle body, 3.73 gears, and a tune....i may be leavin out some stuff...its late...


any input is greatly appreciated. im ready to get this project goin!!!


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I'm sorta in the same boat, but I know I want a new blower within the next year. My delima is a TVS setup similiar to Justin's w/ VMP Tuning, or the new liquid cooled Kenne Bell 2.8.


I don't think you see a lot of ported blowers because it doesn't seem to make a drastic difference. Also, did you change the wheels/tires to a new size? If not, then you won't see much difference between 3.55 and 3.73. If you plan on going with a taller tire, you may want to consider 4.10's.

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yeah i figured that about the ported blower...i may just do the upper and lower pulley to keep my TQ up, i just didnt wanna overheat the blower. it seems that every eaton you try to hi boost it just kills the power from the heat.


as far as wheels and tires go...i havent made my mind up just yet...either a set of 20" TF or some custom powder-coated Super Snake wheels. either way, there will be a drag radial on the rear.

i just figured the 3.73 would be a hapy medium...i thought about 4.10s but with a KB or Whipple, it may come on way too quick down low unless you have a super tall tire...how do you like your 4.10s???

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I LOVE the 4.10's with the stock blower and lower pulley on the stock wheels. However, I can see that it will be too much once HP is drastically increased and that's where the 28.6" tires come in which will give me an 'affective' gear ratio of about 3.80.


My custom wheels have not arrived yet, so I'm hoping everything works out as well in reality as it does on paper.

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i plan to use the SS wheels with 305 DRs out back so i may look into the 4.10s....


the only things im questioning rite now is:

lower pulley-is it worth it on an unported Eaton with the 2.6 upper or will it provide too much heat?

radiator and thermostat- i have heard a few people say these are necessary when doin the lower pulley if you live in a HOT climate...

throttle body- get one now or wait for blower swap?

gears-3.73s or 4.10s??? will be a while before the SS wheels and 305s are on...

exhaust- 1 7/8 LT headers, catted or off-road x-pipe, and catback....originally dead set on the full catted stainless works, which i plan to order the end of this week. i have been thinkin about how the setup will sound with

the bigger blower and more power...i have been told that the stainless works catback is the ONLY setup that will directly bolt to the stainless works system. i was told other kits would havta be modified to fit.

so basically im screwed if i dont like it. i dont wanna modify some catback to fit but i have yet to see any kits as nice as the stainless works. kooks isnt a full long tube. i had a bad experience with dynatechs

on my lightning. and the American Racing is the only other option i have considered. only herd one or two issues with them which isnt bad. so i dont know....only drawback to this is the x-pipe is 2.5 inches and i really wanted full 3". if AR had a 3" x-pipe then i could use the catted version with magnaflows 3" kit.

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