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Factory rep-what kind of BS-rust


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Friday was at the dealership talking to a couple of sales people when I had a chance to talk to factory rep, I asked him what was causing some of our cars to rust, his answer was since mine in particular came from a dealer up north, that dealership did not prep car properly, supposed to hose off underneath of car and prep as it might have set outside at factory for awhile and when delivered to a climate such as Florida with high humidity it will start to rust. I mentioned car also had some rust on seat bracket he said that was inferior paint and that a lot of their cars do that, I then mentioned that I had an 2003 F350 that had set outside driven through mud, etc and it took years before any rust formed, also heard of GT500's acoss the country with the same rust problem, he didn't have an answer for that, sounded like a politician, sad thing is a friend has an 2004 VW that we put up on my lift to change oil and it doesn't have any rust looks unreal compared to Ford and it traveled across an ocean full of salt to get here.

He said that each dealership is privately owned and they are responsible for proper prepping of car, etc. so we finally know who didn't do their job right..LOL

He did say to call Ford customer service and if you don't get satisfaction the 1st time keep calling I asked if he had a special number to call, no special #. Before he left I asked for his card, he said he doesn't give out his number to anyone

This all happened right in front of the 2 sales people who told me they did not believe what they just heard, especially since I was thinking about buying a new F350, I would buy a Toyota in a heart beat if they made a diesel as I pull 12000 lbs plus at times, let the gas pedal stick I like going fast.

I emailed the selling dealer telling them exactly what he told me, lets see what their response is.

I sent in an application to become a Ford factory rep as I think I can say " no " better than him as I am a Republican.now.. LOL

The guy was only around 30 years old if that.

Compare quality of 2003 Ford F350 to 2008 Mustang see pictures taken 4-11-2010 must be Mexico parts in new cars, bracket not rusted is 2003 Ford Dually in case you wondered.



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