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What did you Pay for your 2010 GT500?


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My 2010 Vert MSRP with Electronics and HID $55,895, Invoice per dealer $51,114 which includes FDAF Assessment of $600, Invoice per Kelly BB $50,472.

I Paid $51,500. Ordered Nov. 2009 Received Jan 2010.




0 because I haven't bought one yet. I am tired of waiting :cry: but my wife is done with her MBA next week. So its just a matter of time for her to find a job and for me to get my ride :)

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Zero here also, I'm looking to wait until later summer/early fall to order a 2011 once I see one on person and see what the new Race Red looks like up close and personal. Hope to pay as close to invoice or a bit over as possible, but here in Northern VA most of the dealers think they are the only Ford dealer getting the Shelbys.


I first came to teamshelby while looking up information on the 2010's found to members here to be very passionate, knowledgeable and friendly so I decided to sign up even if I'm still cruising around in my 97 Cobra Vert until I trade up for the 2011 :dance:

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Paid sticker for mine, I think about $49,475. Paid cash. I'm sure I could have found one for less if I shopped around and/or waited. I think I placed my order in March 2009 and received it in June 2009.



ordered mine in Feb fromMM, paid sticker--no adm or transp charges--he was toitally on top of Ford, got car 2 weesk after it was built in Jiune

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