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Whipple Question

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I have a 2008 SGT and came across a Whipple HO kit for a good price; however, it’s for a 2007. Is the only major difference with 07/08 kits just the air cleaner assembly? I know the 08’s are supposed to have a closed system while the 07’s are open. Thanks for the help guys.

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I believe you are correct. The air filter assembly is the only difference. Assuming it is a new kit, when you request your tune from Ford Racing/Whipple, you can get the tune for your 08 with the open '07 filter. I purchased a 05-06 Whipple kit for my '07. There were actually a few differences and I had no problems purchasing the '07 parts directly from Whipple.

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I was of the impression that the High Flow Closed Element intake on the 2008 kit was just as "free flowing" as the open air element on the 2007 kit.

It's a matter of looks then. Does the "Stock" look of the closed element intake box suit your desires, or do you want the "wow factor" of the open element intake?


I guess - If I was to spend the $$$ on the Supercharger - I'd want all the "wow factor" presented when the hood was openend. Even if that meant that I had to purchase something post GT/SC Mod Shop install of the supercharger.



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