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Email notification and wish list items.....

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Well I just placed another order from the Shelby Store. It was shipped and received. Every item is great. Thank you for your discount.


But my account still says processing and I got no email notification that the shipment was on its way.?


My question.....why do some folks get an email telling them the package has shipped and others dont?


will I get an email telling me items on my wishlist are now in stock?


or is that process "spotty" as well?


will "out of stock" items be replenished?


or do they represent items discontinued now that Mr Drake is out of the picture?

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I know some items, like the radiator and heat exchanger that I ordered, are drop shipped from C&R so Shelby doesn't always have tracking info since the product never goes to them. not sure if thats your case or not. also, not sure on your other questions



thanks 2nd......I think all my items came directly from the SS......but your point is taken....


Im not complaining...I was just trying to nail down the best way to go about getting some of those wishlist items....


do I wait for an email?

am I better off checking the Shelby Store everyday? (tedious)

are those items discontinued?

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It's hard to say why some people get e-mails with tracking numbers (with parts being shipped from SPP) and others don't. I suspect it has something to do with a spam filter somewhere?


Now, you placed an order on 22 March and it was shipped from here on 25 March. The system communicates with Fed Ex.. and does two things:


1. It places a tracking number within your order account history.


2. It also e-mails that tracking number to your e-mail address.


3. When you go into your account history, in this case order 8738, there will be a link to click on and it will direct you right to Fed Ex and track the package (s).

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Robert. Along the same line as the other Shelby members I too placed an order in early March and was thrilled when it was on my front doorstep 5 days later. I was careful to only order in stock items and much to my dismay the invoice stated the hat I ordered was on back order and yet I was charged for it and a month later I have received no communication of any kind as to when I can expect the item.

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