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A new 2009 Shelby GT500KR in Switzerland


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Hi everybody


End of December 2009, I purchased in Massillon, Ohio, my new baby. A 2009 Shelby GT500KR.

She found her way over the Atlantic end of February 2010 and finally on 17th of March, I got the permission from the Swiss police, to drive her on the streets in Switzerland. Oh man - I love this car!!!! Is such a beast!!!


By the way, does somone know, how many KR were shipped to Switzerland. Is there a possibility to check this in the States? Here in Switzerland nobody can answer me my question.


The only two things I had to do to get her on the Swiss streets was the reduction of the noise and some (little) work on the lights.


Here a vid where you can see the (red colored) Thunder-Mufflers, they had to fix into the exhaust system. But the sound is still o.k.



And here some pics of my baby. Note: We still have some snow in Switzerland.........................








More pics will follow................


Greez, Booster

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