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San Antonio Shelby Club


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I am trying to figure out the best (=cheapest) way of getting the website up. But then I started thinking, thats gonna cost money which would be okay if we all chipped in, say $20 or $25 a year. That might also keep the want-a-bees away.


But, I have to ask a couple of questions:


Do we really want our own website?

If yes, do we want forums on it so we can chat and such?

Are people willing to pay a yearly "membership fee"?

I'm not interested in incorporating and making this a non-profit. Is that a deal breaker? In other words, do you trust me with your $20 a year?

Your "fee" could also get you some business cards to pass out to other Shelby owners.


Speak up! Let me know what you want.

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You know Sean, I dont know how much of a benefit the website would offer. Perhaps im not thinking outside the box but most of us san antonio people are on team shelby and we use these forums pretty regularly to communicate, plus i think most of us have each other cells to round up everyone for a get to together. I always refer people to team shelby when i meet new shelby guys.


Im afraid if we got a website that it would turn out like the mustang clubs site where nobody goes there at all and we all end up back here anyway.


I like the formation of a san antonio shelby club, but maybe more as a group. I dont mind having a 20 dollar fee. some business cards would be cool to have to use to give to other shelby or svt owners i meet around town or at events. a san antonio shelby club shirt would be nice also. im always down for more shelby shirts :)


If i can help you out Sean let me know.



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I thought the same thing about the website, but over the last year or so I have given TS info to 8 or 10 Shelby people here in San Antonio and so far ZERO of them have shown up. headscratch.gifbanghead.gif


I agree that I think most of the action would happen here, but I was wondering if having a "local" website might to better as far as increasing our ranks. I think the regional section here doesnt get much traffic, as evidenced by the fact that this thread has been up four days now and you and I are the only ones who have posted in it.


Maybe I can find some free hosting site and get a custom domain name that is easy to remember and do something simple and just link it to here???

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That would be better i think Sean, if you found a free hosting site, if we did start getting more traffic on that free site we could always move to a paid site???


On a side note, I know a few of us were gonna meet on saturday at 730am at the bass pro shop at the rim to drive up to kerrville for the cruise, what are yours and warrens plans for driving up there?

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Just wated to remind everyone that we have a website. I'll be sending out periodic emails about what we are doing, when and where.




I'm still looking into business cards. Trying to comeup with a nice logo for us to use.


Edit - I have two possible logos, but I cant upload them from work. I'll try to get to it tomorrow.

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