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5 Hertz Packaged GT-Hs For Sale


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I am selling:

- Five (5) 1/18 scale 2006 Shelby GT-H models packaged in the limited edition “Hertz” box

- These are from the 250 which were packaged for the 2006 Shelby GT-H introduction with Hertz

- They are NOT signed by Carroll Shelby

- ALL boxes are factory sealed and wrapped in protective tissue which was removed for the photos then re-wrapped

- I purchased a carton of six (6) which were packaged in the factory outer shipping carton, I kept one (1) leaving five (5) for sale

- The boxes are brand new “factory-fresh” and factory sealed with tape; NO box was opened

- Each box has at least one small flaw which is NOT likely noticeable unless pointed out, like; a really tiny dent in a corner, a tiny mar in the plastic window, a few white speckles showing through the black ink, etc. I mention these very minor conditions because I understand the “value” is in the packaging and I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. I doubt whether any of the boxes in the 250 piece run are absolutely flawless (although someone with a perceived flawless box will likely respond!!). As noted, these six were in the sealed factory outer carton and wrapped in tissue so they were not handled.

- All cars, as viewed through the box window, appear to be exceptional with all the hold down bands in place

- My asking price is $75 plus $10 shipping per model

- I would like to sell all five (5) together for $350 ($70 per model) plus $15 shipping and insurance, for convenience, but I will sell them individually

- I am not discounting multiple models, other than if you buy all 5, but I will discount shipping; $10 for 1 model, $12 for 2, $14 for 3, $15 for 4 or 5

- If you purchase all five (5) models I will include the factory shipping carton which will be packaged in another oversized outer carton with protective filler material

- These will be sold on a first come/first served basis

- NO international shipments, continental USA only….sorry

- Payment can be either Pay-Pal, U.S. Postal Service money order, certified bank check; the model will ship when payment is cleared

- I will refund your money if you are not satisfied provided you DO NOT OPEN THE BOX and remove the car and, you must pay return shipping

- Contact me at 240-481-9307, ask for Mike

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