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Top 10 Low Pass Jet Flybys

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All ten of these high speed low passes are amazing... but given the aerodynamic capabilities of each aircraft, I give the "Bigest Cojones" award to the KC-135 (?) pilot in pass No. 2 Absolutely certifiable! superhero.gif


And that's a roger on San Francisco Bay in No. 1 with the Blue Angel F-18

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Very Cool!!!!!!!


We were in Fishermans Warf SF a few summers ago by chance when the

Pacific Fleet was there........Busting Crab on the Embarcadero when one of

the "Blue Angels" did a close high speed flyby............Seagulls, Pigeons, Seals

and People all scattering at the same time...........It was great..............


Also learned a few choice Chinese Swear Words from the local Cooks......... :hysterical:

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Way cool.


I might have mentioned this before. Years ago my buddy and I were on a dirt road on BLM land out on the Utah west desert south of the test and bombing range in our 4x4 trucks. He called on the CB to stop and jump out. We stopped and watched a fast approaching dust cloud. It was 2 Air Force F-4 Phantoms on the deck, about 50 feet off of the desert floor, going wide open. As they screamed over us they wagged their wings, kicked in the afterburners and spiraled straight up and out of sight in a matter of seconds.


I have seen the Thunderbirds numerous times, was buzzed by 3 Navy A-4s out by the same range and even been buzzed by a B-52 over Flaming Gorgre Reservoir on the Utah Wyoming border before but these Phantoms were by far the most impressive thing I have experienced. My buddy figured when he first saw the dust cloud, we were already "dead". You're right. I'm glad they are on our side, too. :salute:

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Too cool, thanks for posting Jim.


#3......that guy has major testies.


Look at that one again. You may have to watch it several time to notice something that makes it even better.



The jet is INVERTED!!!



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