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Mandatory Positive Buy

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Well I'm sure I've ticked off enough of the Ford enthusiasts who have opened this thread previously and gone huh??


The deal is while looking under the carpet of that 1989 CSX I parted out, in search of the build sheet, I came across this form that I don't recall seeing before.


It's title "Mandatory Positive Buy" is at the top along with a sub-title of "Sterling Heights Assembly. Performance Feedback System".


It seems to be some sort of QC check list that verifys install and or function. Some items to be checked make sense like verifying that the windshield washer works but other items seem a little bizarre. For instance does someone really need to verify that the catalytic convertor was installed? Seems pretty obvious to me that if it wasn't it would be caught on start up ;)


From what I can see this particular car had the following verified by two assembly line workers:

  • That the vin plate was installed
  • That the computer was installed
  • That the windshield prep/bond was installed
  • And that the interior/exterior lights function


Just like the catalytic convertor check do you really need someone to verify if the cars computer was installed? I think that could be caught pretty easily.


So anyone see one of these before? Anyone know what the "Mandatory Positive Buy" is in reference to? How about the word "Masse" that is used on many of the checklist items. Any idea what Masse stands for?



Positive Buy2.jpg

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It could have been a statistical 'sample' car, and they were checking quality on it. It could have also been destined for a particular customer, and they wanted to make sure that some real good QA was done on it. Perhaps it was a special customer, or press car, who knows? Just taking a guess here. I have parted out quite a few turbo Dodges (including my share of clapped out Shelby's), and have seen all sorts of paperwork under the carpet, but never one of those. Good find!

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