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Hey everyone, some of you have been experiencing problems with your acceleration pedal sticking only to find that your floor mat is unhooked for whatever reason. I have the the Weather Tech floor mats that are custom fit to the shape of the inside of your car and I love them but I have the 2009 model floor mats in my 2010 which only provide an insert for one hook and there are 2 hooks in the 2010.

I have kept my floor mat hooked in and it is still causing my acceleration pedal to stick. These are aftermarket floor mats but very popular floor mats.

I just wanted to warn everyone that the 2009 floor mats do not work in the 2010's for this reason.

I still strongly recommend and love them, just be sure to get the correct model year and peel that ugly WeatherTech sticker off- it is an eyesore.



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