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LED Conversion (Pics)

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I realized I was hijacking another thread, so I decided to start my own. I am trying to convert all stock incandescent bulbs to LEDs. I don't have all the pics yet, but here is what I have so far.


This is one I took during install of the license plate lights. On the right is the stock bulb. On the left is the new LED. The picture makes the LED look brighter than it actually is. I think it's from some reflection on the plastic license plate cover.




The bulbs are from Autolumination. They are the High Powered 9 LED SMT Festoon (39 mm): LicensePlate.jpg



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Looks cool, Baby Gorilla...and I love the "Fight Terrorism" plate you have.



Thanks, my Pennsylvania brother (lived there eight years, ages 18-26).


For the dome lights, I used the ones sold by Lethal Performance. I am happy with them--good amount of light and a super easy install. I will post pics eventually, but they have a separate thread about this with better pics than I can get. These lights have MINIMAL glow with the car off, but it is unnoticeable unless you are looking for it. All the others I have installed have ABSOLUTELY no glow with the car off. I'm going to keep the amber front turn signals as they are for now. I don't feel like installing a resistor at this point. The only thing left, then, is the front and rear side markers. They are type 194, which is very common, but accessing them may be a little tricky.

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