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tire size

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I personally would not put a bigger tire on that skinny wheel. JMO, buy new ones, or have them widened. putting larger tire on the stock wheel big enough to get better traction will bulge the side wall causing problems with the tire.





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I got the same problem, so I'm listening!




When, I have a tire question the first place to call is tirerack.com they are the tire experts. You also can go on there site put in your car. It wil bring up OEM tire size and option size tires!! Plus they have great prices. What, I really love about them is if asking a tire size question and they will tell you the answer. But never try and sell you tires if you don't need them. One time with my M3 they sent me chrome rims instead of black ones. I called them and they had fed-ex pick them up same day and got the others one the next day plus a 75.00 coupon. You cant beat that.

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