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An impostor in Orange County


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I was out for a ride couple of days ago around dusk on 17k running along the airport and in the distance. There was a car coming around the bend with bright blue headlights and he had 2 lower driving lights. They were mounted in the center of the lower grille and the only reason that, I didn't think it was one of my moments of hallucinations. Was that the driving lights were dim and didn't match the headlights. When we passed each other to me it looked like a black Shelby gt with the stripes and all. I then rolled down my window and threw one of my ex-wife donated skirts on to his windshield. Hoping it would get him to stop but of course he was not me and lost control. He proceeded to crashed threw the airport fence and last, I seen of him he was racing a DC-10 to it's hanger. :hysterical:

Beware of the

NOXIOUS 1 :devil2:

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