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barrett and jackson faux gas cap

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Tyler 2118,


Mine (08SGT/BJ) was purchased with a bad trunk emblem with same problem and I was told that they were out of stock at SPP through Ford Warranty and to expensive to reproduce. No warranty claim made. I also called Shelby back in 9/2009 after my car arrived and they stated at the time there were only a few over 100 made since there were only 100 BJs produced, most likely made sense at the time: however, **it happens....


I had one made specifically for my car with 2 extra. Did the clear coat over the medallion come off and the Barrett Jackson letters turn yellow? That's what happened to mine. I did not use the quoted website for the trunk medallion, but since no one would help repair mine, I felt obligated to get my car back to new, my car had 125 miles sold new from Earnhardt Ford, Chandler AZ.


Maybe Shelby went back and made some more of the originals, it's just an aluminum disk that just slips over the GT medallion like the Berg Cap. Are you sure about $125.00???????


pm me and we'll talk more if there is no warranty solution .... GG

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