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Where's the throttle lag???


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Before I got my car I read a lot of threads about the throttle lag the Mustang has with the DBW. I was expecting that because of this one of my first mods would be a cold air intake and a tune to elminate the throttle lag.


Well there is no throttle lag on my car, not even a hint. Has Ford finally figured out the DBW programming and retuned the 07 Stangs??? Sure seems that way. I'm curious to know if any other 07 Stang owners have throttle lag or not.

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OK, I didn't really notice any throttle lag when I first got my 2007 GT. However, when I installed the Diablosport Predator performance tune (which eliminates the throttle lag among many things), the difference became very night and day! Instant throttle response and much less pedal needed to invoke acceleration. Now I knew what everyone was complaining about with the stock tune.




On a side note, I'm not convinced yet that a CAI does any significant improvement for our cars. All the literature I've read (from the companies that make them and the magazines that test them), show that a good tune (SCT, Diablosport, etc.) is good for about 25-30 hp. Any of the popular CAI's with the same tune is good for about 30-35 hp, leading me to believe that the CAI is only netting us about 5 hp if we're lucky. Spending $300, $400, $500, etc. for a CAI to get 5 hp? That's $60-$100 per horsepower. I paid $369 for my Diablosport Predator tuner and picked up about 25 hp. That's about $15 per horsepower and great bang for the buck.


The magazines that are testing CAI's are showing a few ponies on the dyno, but those who have taken them to the track for real world #'s are reporting no (or very, very insignificant) performance gains in the 1/4 mile (the "real" dyno, IMHO).


Save your money and put the CAI money aside in your personal "supercharger savings fund" instead! You can easily get 120 hp for around $6,000 with any of the popular supercharger kits out there. That's about $50 per horsepower, which is still better bang for the buck than any CAI on the market - AND, you will really feel/see a difference in real world performance.

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