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WOW! Traveling 60 MPH sideways in front of a semi.

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The driver walked away unharmed. The semi (lorry) driver told authorities that he absolutely did not see the car stuck on his bumper. He claimed that it was below his sight line and never saw it until another driver brought it to his attention. The police are reopening the case for further scrutiny.


Amazing, simply amazing; Mrs. Williams luck and the semi driver's stupidity. The the driver of the car (a Renault Clio), Rona Williams, stated that she entered the motorway and then was clipped by the truck which then spun her 90 degrees into the front of the truck where she remained until the truck driver figured out what was happening.


Here's a short video of the incident...



Here is one interview with Mrs. Williams that provides the details of what happened...



That's one lucky woman.

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I saw that on tv & couldn't believe he couldn't feel the friction of the car or her horn etc. He must of been about asleep.

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