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Wheel Offset And Backspace Recommendations

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I have finally picked my rims, and now I need to know what size to order size to order. I want 18 inch rims, but I need to know the offset and backspace that I can get away with. I REALLY like the deep dish look, and want as much of that as I can get,,,,,but don't want the tires to rub. The rims I have chosen are the Chrome American racing wheels Shelby Torq Thrust MS 18x9.


Problem is there is no guide for the Shelby GT, and being lowered as they are I am worried that I will order the rims and get screwed if they don't fit.


I would appreciate advice from the crowd. Anyone running these? Here is what I I am thinking about.


SB605MS8966C 18" x 9" 34 6.34 5x114.3




Thanks Rich


P.S. I have tried searching the thread but never found the exact answer I was looking for, sorry for a boring thread.

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If you are running 18x9 on all corners with 255s you shouldn't have any rubbing issues. I have 10'' in the rear with 305s and don't rub. If you plan on big brakes get some rims that will fit a GT500 to get the right off-set. Not sure if these in a 18'' are available. Email American Racing directly, they should be able to help you.

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