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DynoStorm software - Blackberry storm smartphone

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I dont know if you guys with blackberry storm know about this software for your phone. The software allows you to have a drag strip where ever you are. You can download it from Blackberry world apps once loaded to your phone it gives instructions to calibrate your phone to use it. You also enter your weight and the vehicles weight and the cars spec's once done you can run program. The screen pops up with a guage and you press the test button and it acts like a christmas tree. It does it from a roll or out of the hole it gives you from 0-10mph and up to quarter mile times plus hp and also does skid pad testing. Also gives the same graph that is printed out on dyno runs. You can do a bunch of runs and it will give you a total average for those run plus of course seperatly.

Here's some of my runs and this is with traction on and off either way my car was spinning even in 3rd. I even did a nice burn out still no traction.


My last run- 0-10 - 0.95

0-20 - 1.95

0-30 - 2.65


0-60 - 6.07




60' - 2.25

330' - 5.98

1/8 MILE 9.20SEC @ 68.4MPH

1000' - 12.79 SECONDS


MAX Speed 74.5mph

max acceleration 0.60 G's

peak power 263hp


You got me if it's accurate!! Sorry if my wording is off having a bad week extra meds with this 9/11 news for health coverage

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