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Gauge Pod Cluster

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Installed my gauge pod and everything worked out well. The install was easier then it looked and had the same problems with wire lengths as everyone else. Also changing the bulb color and has left the boost gauge on the dim side and haven't found a fix for that and the pod itself doesn't stick that well, but this is minor stuff and not a big deal. My question is that I like the package so much that there are other gauge options I would have preferred and would like to see the boost gauge have a vacuum side on the gauge. The lack of movement of the needle wants me to lean on it to make sure it works and at night it hard to see those cars with the flashy lights on the roof in my rear view mirror. So does anyone around here have the power to have a boost gauge made (same as the Shelby one) with vacuum scale on it?? Not sure if it affects where the line is hooked up.

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As i mention above the gauge not moving had me testing it and wish there was a vacuum side. So i replaced the boost gauge with this one (thanks kahmann) in video. Same issue with blue LED light bulb, but you can see how the gauge won't go into boost unless there is some load on the engine. This gauge doesn't say Shelby on it otherwise looks identical or matches the others. Storing the original for later if I need it.


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Hey Team Shelby,


Can anyone tell me if you can order a 2010 or newer Supersnake with the center gauage pod cluster? I think it looks more "finished" than the "2 fast 2 furious" A-pillar set-up I've seen on the models thus far.







It's been my experience that Shelby will NOT deviate from the Super Snake package in any way shape or form. Not with the stripe/s, not with the rear gear ratio, and not with the side scoops. I was told that if I wanted different stripes I'd have to get the OEM stripes removed, have the SS stripe installed and then after purchase have the SS stripe removed to change it to a White SS style stripe or to double KR style stripes. Same with the rear gear ratio if I wanted to keep the OEM 3.55's and I could add my own side-scoops if I wanted....AFTER SALE.


I have to assume that the gauge pod would fall under the same logic.





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