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Headlight Armor / Lamin-X users?


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Anyone here running headlight protection films?


If so did you have any lighting issues after you installed them?


I purchased the Headlight Armor CLEAR main headlight protection films.


Applied them just fine, they look ok but they messed up my light refraction at night because the film has a little "texture" to it's surface I guess. I suppose because the film doesn't have very good optical-clarity, the HID's really didn't like it.


These pics were taken with my cell phone, but you can see the "Eyelashed" look it gave the light beam instead of being a smooth flood of light it now has this funny pattern. Really kinda bothersome at night, esp. since I do about 90% of my driving at night.






And no, that isn't the cell-camera playing tricks. The light pattern really is that funky.

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I have the XPEL Invisible Mask on the front end of my car and also have XPEL plastic covers on my headlights and fog lights but do not have this issue. That is a weird light pattern you are putting out.

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