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Boost Gauge Connections

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OK. I am finally the proud new owner of a, new to me, 2007 Super Snake. It is great!! :happy feet:


I have been having a problem with the boost gauge in the three gauge cluster. With the superb assistance of Roger Sorel, I found that the gauge had come loose from the T-Fitting at the super charger. I got the gauge operating by sticking the tube back into the boot on the T-Fitting. Not sure that I have a good connection or not. There seems to be some lag in the needle movement compared to the dash gauge. I have noticed the dash gauge yeilding higher readings than when the tube was completely out of the boot.


My question is...

Does the tube from the gauge simply stick inside the boot, or does the rubber boot remove from the T-fitting exposing the actual connector point for the boost tube?


I did not try to remove the boot because the car is new to me, and don't want to break anything any worse than it already is.


Thanks in advance for any pointers anyone might be able to provide.

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Very cool you got the small issue taken care of. happy%20feet.gif


What manual are you referring to? Is it something that came with purchasing the gauge pod from the Shelby Store or is it a actual manual for the SS.

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