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08SGT0343 One Year Anniversary


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Today 3/15/2010 marks the one year anniversary with my 2008 Shelby GT. I purchased this Shelby new from a dealer in Oklahoma City (it sat at the dealership for nearly a year) and would have paid twice as much if I had know I would have this much fun with it. I lucky I have a very understanding wife. This Shelby is my only vice (well next to my baby girl).


Just to give you an idea of how my family views me and this Shelby take a look at the following photos. My Mother-n-Law surprised me and my Shelby with a little gift. I think this is about the coolest thing ever.




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COngrats man and Thanks a TON for the tip the other day I really appeciate it.


I've had mine for 1.5 years and it seems like I have had her for much more time than that.


PS the cake kind of looks like a VW Bettle. hysterical.gif

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