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2008 Barrett Jackson Shelby Limited Edition

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I was the first one here. I had two of them. Both 'verts. One automatic the other 5 speed. Mine were "home delivery" by having them drop shipped directly from SAI to my home instead of shipping to the dealer in AZ and reshipping here. That saved a little money.


In Aug 2008 I had the automatic supercharged. That changed the car into something very different.


In Oct 2008 we decided to auction the car at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale with proceeds to the Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation, and in November I dropped it off for a supercharger as well. At the auction in January the garage space occupied by the second BJ SGT was replaced with a Shelby Cobra 427.


I took the BJ SGT out for a short spin yesterday after taking it out of mothballs from winter storage. It sure gets a lot of comments.


If you are looking there are probably still a few BJ SGT cars in inventory at Arizona Ford dealers. I'd suggest you go to the Ford web site and locate dealers in the greater Phoenix area and give them a call. I would be cautious about the condition - these cars would have been stored outside in extremely harsh conditions and will definitely need the stripes and hood scoop replace. The scoop and hood stripes due to the issue with the '08 scoops expanding and the stripes because they will have weathered after almost three years of outdoor exposure. Make sure you get the dealer to make the car "as from the factory".


Good luck.

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Just wondering if anyone in the Team Shelby Forum owns the 2008 Barrett Jackson Shelby?post-27978-126851466311_thumb.jpg



Is that your SGT/BJ in New York. I'd be interested in how it is optioned if it is yours, not many BJ owners on the site. Tony is right about the stripe gig, I did the whole deal in August of 2009. I do love this car and does it ever turn heads.......



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