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30 Years on Death Row and Dies of Natural Causes.........WTH

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This guy was on Death Row for 30 Years before he Died of Natural Causes...........



This Female lost her Last Appeal this week. She was tried and convicted in 2005.




Why do some people stay on Death Row longer then others? :headscratch:

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In California, we currently have 701 prisoners on Death Row. The last time one of them was executed was back in January of 2006. In fact, since 1978, only 13 Death Row prisoners have been executed. At the time they were executed (at an average age of 49 years old), prisoners had been on Death Row at San Quentin for an average of 18 years from the time they were sentenced. Most of their court appeals will cost state tax payers $1M each before they exhaust all available legal options (thanks to the ACLU and liberal judicial bench). In reality, the only thing associated with "death" the vast majority of these prisoners will experience while incarcerated is dying of natural causes! The Death Penalty is a royal farce and in my opinion emboldens thugs because they have nothing to lose if caught, other than to get 3 square meals a day, an air conditioned roof over their head, plenty of exercise and entertainment equipment, as well as medical and dental care. WHAT ABOUT JUSTICE FOR THEIR VICTIMS??? banghead.gif



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