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Next round mods HELP.....suspension!

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Well, I got the power, the tires/wheels...so now I need the suspension mods to support this INSANE power. I was told/educated by my tuner to go this route:


1) one-piece alum driveshaft (already in the works - for the Kenne Bell)

2) upper control arm

3) lower control arm

4) panhard bar

5) sub-frame connectors


****What exactly do these do (UCA, LCA, panhard bar and sub-frame's)?...from an "unbiased" opinion.



My tuner is a BMR authorized dealer...he recommends this brand....


I am looking to be a little more "confident" with my new power (w/555r's) by making sure that the rearend is supported properly and traction is maximized under full throttle....


your thoughts.......



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