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Need Help- Power Back up


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Hey guys as we all know we all got hit by a massive snow storm. I ended up spending my car part fund on a generator 900.00 beans. But what my problem is that I use a pellet stove for my main heating.

So, I have to run my generator all night long for the stove and frige. I can turn the fridge off all night long about 7hrs but the pellet stove of course has to run

Been looking for a battery back up for the stove or an Invertor that would be able to run off my battery. Been looking online called a couple of places. But no luck most place are clueless on the topic. The main problem is if the stove loses power during running the smoke will be bac up into the house. Which has happened before and we have to air out the house.


Spec's on the stove is 400 watts for start up180 watts to run it!!

The stove is an Avalon Astoria

Thanks guys

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