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FRPP SVT Mustang Clutch Kit

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Does anyone have any information or experience with the above kit (M-7060-A54)? The FRPP catalog describes it for the 2007/2008 SVT Mustang (5.4L) and includes dual disc clutch, pressure plate, fasteners and flywheel. The list price in the catalog is $999.


I’m asking because the new car warranty on my 2007 GT500 has long expired although I am still covered under the 5 yr/60,000 mile drivetrain warranty AND by the Ford Premium Care extended warranty that I purchased through the Ford dealer when I bought the car in November of 2009. Unless someone knows otherwise, I assume that no dealer will perform the Flywheel/Clutch/Trans TSB on my car if/when I start having clutch problems. I know that the flywheel and transmission are covered but like most have posted, the dealer requires the owner to purchase the Ford clutch for about $1,800 to $2,000. An aftermarket clutch is not an option since it would void the drivetrain warranty. So, is the FRPP clutch the same as is currently in my car? If so, why would I want to spend almost $2000 for the clutch specified in the various TSBs? From what I understand, the original clutch was not the issue. Or are dealers installing 2010-style clutches now anytime a clutch replacement is required?


Sorry for the long question but this might help some owners with an expired new car warranty and potentially save almost $1,000 on a replacement clutch.



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interesting, sorry cant help


but I will be pissed if my powertrain is voided because Ford forced me to buy my own aftermarket clutch


I am on my 3rd factory clutch/flywheel, all sucked and do not operate properly and Ford would not do anything about it so I was forced to go aftermarket lol they told me to as well anyway

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Thanks. Well, I guess that takes care of that question. I didn't check the FRPP online catalog, just the printed one. I did check to see if Summit Racing had it listed and they do for about the same price as the FRPP catalog. However, not sure if they have it in stock or not.


Maybe I will be one of the lucky ones and won't have any problems!!

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