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My Other Car Is A GT500KR

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Trying to decide on a license plate frame for my new 2010 F-150 Supercrew. What I'd really like is a frame that says "My other car is a Shelby GT500KR", or something close to that.


I've looked in the Shelby store, and only see the KR frame. Any idea where I could get one of these made?

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I found a place that can make a custom frame: License Plates Online. You can even pick the background and typeface colors.


They suggest a maximum of 15 characters for the top line and 15 for the bottom line. I'm thinking of this:






Anyone here have any experience with this company?

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Mine was made by a company in Florida... the name escapes me. I ordered it online. The frame is metal. They powder coat the frame, engrave what you want and then fill the engraving with another color. Fully customizable... you pick you font style and size, frame color and fill color. I had mine done in black with white letters to match my color scheme. It says "Mustang" on top and "GT/CS" on the bottom. It cost me about $50. I'll see if I can find the place online.


EDIT: Found them... This is the company:




This is the plate style I got (solid brass, poweder coated, engraved and filled):




On my car:



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I've seen many a specialty kiosk (license plate frames) in shopping malls that do custom engraving "while you wait" ....



I've had custom frames made at a booth that is at the Mid-State fair in Paso Robles every year.


I saw a similar booth at the Colorado MId-State fair in Pueblo this last summer too.


Oh, and when I was in CA this last time we went to the Paso Mid-State and I have a custom sign made for my garage in the colors of my GT500, with a Cobra and "Phill's Garage" on it (with the Ford blue oval on it).


Like someone else said, I've seen custom license plate kiosks at just about every Shopping Mall I've ever been to (Northridge Mall in Salinas CA has one).


You can get just about anything made you want if you find the right folks.



Phill Pollard

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