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Truetrac & 4:10's

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I've been told that my 3:73's will feel like 3:55's or worse with a 6060 installed by several people so I went ahead and picked up a set of 4:10's and a Trutrac while I was at it. I guess the smart thing would have been to wait until the install was done and see for myself but my car has been in the shop going on two weeks waiting on a damn DS, Promotion won't ship the shaft until the trans is installed and measurements are taken for the shaft with the weight on the wheels, I just didn't want to get it back and have to turn right around and send it back in. I've been on the fence for a while about running the 4:10's and I hope they will get me where I want to be.




1st Gear: 3.38

2nd Gear: 2.00

3rd Gear: 1.32

4th Gear: 1.00

5th Gear: 0.675



1st: 2.97

2nd: 1.78

3rd: 1.30

4th: 1.00

5th: 0.80

6th: 0.63




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You're correct. The 3.73s with the 3650's 3.38 1st would require approx 4.25s with the 6060's 2.97 1st. But with the low-end torque from the 2.6KB you might now want more overall ratio than the 4.10s will provide anyway ...depending on what you're designing for and assuming same rear tire diameter.


For example, I've seen some guys who went with 3.73 early-on on their GT500s but who are now making 700+HP/Tq are now going down to 3.55s because there's just so much torque that the 3.73s aren't needed (depending on tire diameter and intended use, etc.).


Sounds like a nice set-up!

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Sounds to me like the right move and something you probably would have ended up doing anyway. At least this way you're saving some down time.

Congrats on all the new mods! Let us know how you like the Truetrac.



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My DS finally came in and I got my car back with the 6060 installed with the Shelby shifter and man what a difference, shifts are smooth as glass compared to the 3650 just as crisp and clean as you could ever want in a manual trans, It took about a 1/2 mile of driving to realize that I had made a good choice spending the money. I did not get a chance to get the Truetrac and 4:10's installed because of everybody getting ready for the race in Florida this weekend but it feels just fine with the 3:73's installed. I do have some reverse lock out sensor issues that will have to be addressed when they get back but it was money well spent in my opinion and I would do it again in a minute.

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