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Pic Request please


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with HIDs please


seen the real deal 2011 black with red stripe but am curious how a 2010 + GT500 looks all black with no stripes with the HIDs


Thanks, hopin someone owns one they can post pics



Didn't I already photoshop you one of these of SVTP? Maybe you didn't see it, you never did said anything about it. I know it's not the "real" thing, but here it is again.





Have you made up your mind what your going to do yet in regards to keeping your car or getting the '11, or are you still bouncing around like a pin ball?

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Yes I am!


understandable though because these are not cheap cars and I have never seen a black stripe delete 2010 GT500 in person and have not seen a black/red stripe 2011 in person.


It makes it extremely tough to choose between the 3.


thanks for the photo shop, I did see it on svtp :)


looks great but was hoping to see some real black 2010 stripe delete cars

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