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Make a Wish auction

philip murphy

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wa.jpgOk guys, I've tried to figure out the best way to make this post as it is not about me, but about the car being donated, and about the additional funds we are trying to raise for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I'll keep this short.


This is the car being auctioned off at the Barrett Jackson auction:



Here is the web page for the car and a bit of background as to why we are doing this:





This is the secure web page on the Make-A-Wish foundation server for direct cash donation.




What I am looking for is everyone and anyones assistance in getting the word out, not always about the car being donated, but about the donation page seeking additional funds (not to cover the cost of the car, 100% of all donations go directly to Make-A-Wish)


The more funds we can donated, the more the Make-A-Wish foundation can assist the kids.



That is about it in a nutshell, again, all I ask is that you send a link to friends and family, let them decide whether to donate or not. I'm also asking for your assistance in getting the word out to other forums you may be members of by contacting the admin/owners and asking permission in which to post the link and the request for donations. With the amount of membership we have, I'm hoping to make this request go viral around the web in a very short time.



Again, I thank all of you in advance for your assistance and your contributions.







Bill S.


Posted for Bill ........Phil

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