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Whats behind that bumper?


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I have to believe that I am not the only owner of a 07-09 GT500 who has wondered this. Whats behind the rear bumper on the redesigned rear end of the 2010 Mustang? By that, I mean braceing-frameing. There are companies who have already came out with body kits that are different from the rear stock fascia but they still retain the basic shape of the stock one. What is it behind it that is keeping these companies from making a little different shape for those who don't particularly find that stock rear very attractive? Mainly not haveing the bottom edge sticking out so much farther than the rest of the bumper. There must be totally different bumper shock absorbers or something. I would be tempted by a 2011 GT convertible with the new 5.0 mill, but I just can't bring myself to get past that rearend. I could definitely live with a rear like the one on the GT350.

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Industry safty standards.

Main frame structures must meet set heights and must hold up to set MPH impact without structural damage. This is why your seeing truck main bumpers lower and lower covered by plastic to look higher.


The 2010 is really no different then the 07-09, it's just that they shortened the ends of the quarters to make the car look shorter, but the center of the front and rear is the same length. So it has a more "rounded" look with the same frame (S197) chassis.

The Chassis is the same, just re skinned.

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