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2010-2011 Terlingua?


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Anyone in the know that might have a guess as to when an updated Terlingua package will be offered for the current body style, if ever?







Nothing on the wind as of yet. Last I heard was that the Paxton wasn't CARB certified on the 2010's and what more could they do other than suspension, short throw shifter and stickers to a 2011?

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To me, adding a better than stock, and unique, suspension/wheel-tire package, some interior upgrades and a few body/detailing changes

to the 2011 3.7 V6 could make for a very interesting entry-level Shelby model.


Focus the changes on weight reduction, like lighter seats (but the side air-bags would probably be a problem)

and wheels, all could lead to the making of a fun weekend driver/track toy.


Or work with Ford and get the TT EcoBoost 365 hp thumper dropped under the hood. :D

(That last one could have me adding a second Bunny to the hutch.)

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Most of you guys and gals know me as the crazy 2010 Mustang owner with the Terlingua Tacoma. I posted below the quote from Amy back in Dec 09. Any 2010+ TRT is still a year plus off, and while that sucks, there is nothing I can do about it.


Hope you can hang in there but don't be surprised if they skip the 2010 year for full Terlingua packages. It doesn't make them a dime for a odd year such as the 2010. Has the engines of the 06-09 but the body style of the 2011.


Guys, there will be no 2010 terlingua, maybe in the next year or 2, but right now no.


We do have a new car unveil coming soon


Also for the record, any car unveiled by us is post title or with dealers, the shelby Gt is a pre title car and very unique and special, no car or package can take that away. I own a Shelby Gt, great car!





Even though I want one so bad, I feel that Shelby will not deliver for the 2010's. But my fingers are crossed.

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