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Boost Gauge Install

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Hi Everyone,


I'm installing a boost guage on my SGT that I have tust finished the whipple install. I'm having difficulty trying to figure the best place to connect the boost/vacumn line. This is the autometer mechanical boost gauge going in the rousch pod in the a/c vent by the drivers door.


I had plenty of choices on the 93 cobra (last one I added a blower to) but this car does not leave a lot of options since the whipple install. The line from the whipple to the brake master cyl is fairly easy access but I really do not like tapping into the brake booster line.


Can some of you telll me where you connected for your boost and how it is working for you as well as places you tried and ended up not liking as this is important as well.


In a few months I'll go with the dual aeroforce guages that will change this however I just had to have a boost gauge like right now.


Thanks to all for your input.



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I put a T in the vacuum line connected to the driver's side fuel rail. I have the Aeroforce gauges and it works great.



Thanks much. I was wondering if that was an okay place. Makes sense.


I did wonder , say if you got a leak in the line to the gauge how that would affect the fuel flow. I am not clear as to exactly what the fuel module (That sets on the fuel rail ) does. If a leak could cause fuel to run lean that could be a disaster and that would be my only concern. I guess at the end of the day a vacumm leak is a leak regardless of where it is at.


Given your success with your installation I am going to go the route you took and make real sure there are no leaks and that the line is well protected.


Glad to hear you like the aerforce gauges. I have really been impressed with what i have read. I understand they are coming out with a new gauge called the AreoXXX something that will actually have 4 analog inputs verses the two that is in current ptoduction. These are suppose to be out in the next few weeks.


Thanks Much!



i am alos thinking of using the SOS pillar pod that goes by the drivers side door.


How do you have your gauges mounted and are you satified with the mounting provisions or would you change now to some other method of mounting the gauges?

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