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Squeaky brakes still. Warranty expires next month..

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Hey everyone,


It's been a while since I have posted. The SGT is back from the bodyshop and looks great; thanks again for all of the help with that process.


My warranty expires next month and my brakes (rear, I think) have been squeaking at high speed stops for some time. Based on inspections witjh all wheels off, the pads all look ok, as do the rotors. But there is still a pretty good squeak, and I hate to replace parts without knowing what's wrong. I'm wondering if this can be looked at under warranty.


Other issues:


*right muffler has rust where the mid sectiobody meets the end, at the seam.

*water pump or ac comp was squeaking over the summer; seems ok now.

*ORIGINAL hood scoop. Kind of warped on driver side.

*ORIGINAL stripes. They still look good.

*I hear a valve clatter when shifting at high RPMs. This could be my imagination.


Car has 23k on the odometer.


Any tips or suggestions? Are any of these worthwhile issues? Or should I avoid the hassle of going to the dealershkip.


***posted from my phone. Sorry for any errors.

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