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why dont they put a spoiler on the 2008 shelby gt conv? just curious



Shelby GT's don't come with spoilers on the rear deck coupe or convertibles it was a design decision. There are plenty of owners, including myself, who have installed various spoilers and you can find them posted here with a search for "spoiler".

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Originally, when Shelby released the Shelby CS6/CS8 and the Shelby GT-H cars, they kept the stock GT spoiler on the rear deck lid. When some of the critics got their hands on the Shelby GT-H cars for test drives and reviews, they commented on how the 1966 GT350H and the did not have a spoiler and that they thought that the spoiler should have been left off the 2007 Shelby GT models. I guess, maybe, Shelby answered by way of the "Spoiler Delete" that we all have on the Shelby GT.


Several have gone with the GT500 rear spoiler - and quite frankly - it looks good on the cars. The GT500KR and Terlingua cars came out with the stock V6 spoiler on the rear deck lid. Several have placed the "KR" spoiler on their cars. I know of one person who installed the Roush rear spoiler on his Shelby GT.


Personally, I've been looking at the 3D Carbon 3-piece "Ducktail" rear spoiler. It attaches with double sided tape (no holes to drill). It looks similar to the GT500 spoiler, but isn't too "over the top" looking.


To each their own - several people prefer the "Spoiler Delete" and would have it no other way. The point here is to do what you want, what you like.


The most important thing is to come back here after you've done what you're going to do - and share pictures!! We're all about the pictures my friend!!



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