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FRPP 91 oct tune vs 93 oct tune


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Up here we get 92 Octane fuel. I had the 93 Octane setting on the tune but I think it was getting knocks on a very steep mountian pass...


These cars have knock sensors, so ?


I am running the 91 tune now and no problems at all...


Anyone know what the 93 tune at sealevel does with 92 fuel or what the actual difference is in the tunes...not that I am messing with it just curious...



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Hey Randy ,


On my cars fuel door I have 91 octane sticker , so I though are cars have a 91 octane tune ?


But I also have the closed hi-flow air box. So did you guys get 2 different tunes for your whipple 550 kit since yours is an 07 and mine is an 08.



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The knock sensor should pull timing but they dident for some reason. If you have ford tuner it has 1 tune but you can change things like tire size, gears, and octane. On the procal tuner it is just a yes or no for octane adjust. 93 is no and 91 is yes.




Scotty this is the straight scoop.

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