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Wheel hop COMPLETE


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Today i got my LCA and UCA made by Steeda. So i buckled down and installed my Ebaich pro lowering spring and LCA and UCA. I would have to say it was so much easier then i thought. I started about 3 and just got done around 9:30. I'm excited about tomorrow going to get it aligned and FINALLY!!!!! See how this Shelby can run without wheel hop; Then right when i get home taken her back down to put a JLT CAI/Pulley package. Pics should be up tomorrow when it gets day light.


happy%20feet.gifhappy%20feet.gifhappy%20feet.gifI LOVE FORD!!!!!! And not to forget SVT andSHELBY!!!!!!!! happy%20feet.gifhappy%20feet.gifhappy%20feet.gif

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