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Very cool link. Thanks for sharing. I used to really be into model building. I had hundreds of cars and had just gotten started on dioramas, but I found that what had started as a relaxing hobby had become an all-consuming obsession. I got into "detail" just a bit too much, and started building models of cars for which there was no kit, and it just about drove me nuts. I was working on a working convertible top for a '65 Mustang when I just gave up and moved on to other hobbies. I had every Shelby, Mustang, GT40, and Cobra variant that Ford/Shelby ever made, and a huge Ferrari collection, along with tons of other exotic and classic sports cars. I kept a few, but wish I had the whole collection back. Some are really worth money now. I'd love to take up the hobby again. My youngest kid is about to leave the nest. Maybe I'll find time...

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