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Winter Interoir Updates

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Attached are photos of some items picked up at my local ford dealership. The cargo protector is item number 7R32-611600-BA for cars equipped with the Shaker 1000 system. I have one similar in my daily driver and has saved me from spilled or dirty things in the trunk. The carpet style are better looking but don't offer the same protection. The second item is the cargo net 5R3Z-63550A66-AA. Part of the cargo net is lost due to the Shaker 1000 but keeps items in there place. In my younger days I have had items try escaping from the trunk. I am trying to avoid this again. The third item installed was the ash cup/coin holder 5R8Z-7804810-AAA. I don't smoke but storage area in the car is limited and I don't drink in the car anyway so the loss of a cup holder is no big deal.

- Kevin




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