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Shelby CS66 wheels

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I've been looking at the CS66 Shelby wheel for the car, as I like the look of how it resembles the Shelby wheels from 1966. The anthracite color is the finish I prefer, but the chrome finish is also growing on me.


Does anyone have a set of the CS66 wheels installed on your SGT or GT500? If so, how about posting a couple pics here.



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You car is looking awesome !!!!

(for a white car that is )

Take Care




:hysterical: thanks, I think.....



Craig, thanks for the pics. The wheels look very nice, very nice.




thanks John. As far as cleaning....to me they are like any other wheel. I use a McGuire's cone for applying polish (Zaino) after about 3 coats they stay amazingly clean with just a wash. I also like the looks of the CS40's and the Alcoas, but I wanted to stay w/ an 18" wheel. Craig

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I will offer you my factory rims from my GT-H for those 66 rims. My rims would look so much nicer on your car and your rims would look much nicer on my car.

I will do this "rims for rims" at no additional charge to you. Keep in mind that my rims are factory original and in about 200 years they will be worth some money!!!!! LOL.

Your car looks fantastic with those rims.Good Choice........Enjoy....Philip 87

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Thanks for the responses everyone. It was a tough decision, but I ended up with the anthracite CS 69's. The CS 66 is a great wheel, but I also liked the vintage Magnum 500 look of the CS 69 and, in the end, it won out.Dscn1194a.jpg




Same decision I went through and just like you I went with the CS69's. After I saw them on Roger's car I had to get them.

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The 18 inch wheels do not fit big brakes. The 20's will work though.


I purchased the CS66 20's last year from CS Wheel Co. Gary Consolvi told me the CS66 20s wil fit the big brakes.

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