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Here Are my 2 Beast 08/10


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That is why I live in Florida, although the weather lately has been less than desireable. This Sunday should be sunny and 60 so I see a GT500 in the plans. I just alternate and drive what I feel like. Both cars are different. The GT is lower and revs faster and easier to handle, but I've only had the GT500 for 2 weeks. The GT500 is a torque monster and pulls and pulls from what little I did drive and kept the RPM's down until 500 miles. Only have 250 miles now. I have to be a little careful on shifts on the GT because it has the stock clutch and the Whipple 550hp kit on it. No smoking the clutch yet but I can tell it would be pretty easy to. I had a previous 06 C6 Vette that was modded (mid life thing) and really always wanted a GT500 (two Shelby's) but waited to get a good deal and no BS mark up's. 30 years retired military and working again will net you these beast and a new harley if you like a sunny day cruise on a bike. Anyway thanks for all the great comments. In the Shelby GT section there is a Whipple S/C post that has a bunch of picks of the Blue Shelby. It is quite nice as well especially after changing the grill, adding the S/C, loudmouth exhaust and Shelby razor's to name a few.

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