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Went to the track Wed night with the Lethal Performance 2010 GT500


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We went to the track last night to make a couple of runs. It was cool and breezy but with lots of moisture in the air. There was dew all over the cars and the track. We made a few passes on the car with a new spring setup and had some traction issues not only in 1st but 2nd gear as well. The best we were able to crack off was a 9.85@144+. That's with the car sideways even worse then our 9.66@146.19 run. I'll have a video up for you guys to see later on this evening. We'll have the car up in the air tomorrow to see what's going on. We know for sure from this pic though that it's time for an Anti-Roll Kit from BMR Fabrication. That should definitely help the car from twisting like it is and hopefully help with some of our traction issues. Once we get the suspension dialed in we're gonna turn things up. The car is also going in for a cage next week so we'll be sure to post plenty of pics of that as well.







BMR 2010 Shelby GT500 XTREME Anti-Roll Bar Kit [XSB005] : Lethal Performance, Performance parts for Ford Mustangs


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