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Help with Shipping

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Hey guys i am getting ready to ship my car to Vegas. its my first time shipping a car any auto carriers you guys recommend.




Thank You




I used Accurate Auto. Excellent !! I live in Iowa and the service was great.

The driver was calling me(several times) to let me know where he was located to give me

a time for delivery.

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I drove mine to SAI in Las Vegas from Calgary. I enjoyed the ride down (1300 miles) and flew home for the wait. Then trucked it home after it was SS'd with the off-parts. I used Select1 out of Michigan. The service was perfect and exactly what I asked for.



734-946-7850 ext 234 Angel Lemmons

734-946-7850 ext 237 Jay Colunga




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I used Reliable - great service and made me feel good about sending my car cross-country.


Make sure you go there when the car is done though. Even if you ship it home, it's worth the experience and photo opps to see the car for the first time in front of the museum!

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Thanks guys for all the info can't wait to get my car snaked i decided to drive there take some pictures and have it shipped back ill keep you guys posted.



Thank you all for the info and recommendations



Sounds like a great plan. Be sure to go back when she's finished for your inspection and another photo shoot.



Oh man, your gonna love your SS.

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