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newby question


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pretty new to the computer world ,havent been hear long either . but i need some assistance in learning how to post some pictures . i know how to post these :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical3: but thats it .thanks.



most folks use photobucket for large files.You can upload non_photbucket files of less than 500KBs when you write mail or atst a thread by clicking on upload and then find the file.You can reduce your file size by opening your file and clcik on save as, then clcik on 90% compression and save the file with whatever file name you want--that way you can post more than 1 file most likely

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Photobucket is the way to go. That way you photos appear in their full glory within your post like this:




And you don't have to worry about exceeding some file size limitiation.


Here's a link to a Photobucket tutorial:



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